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My kitchen, of late

The other day, Elanor got all sorts of dramatic about the fact that I wasn’t making her meatballs and spaghetti for lunch instead of whatever yummy leftovers I was offering (probably this exotic white bean and wild garlic curry, said wild garlic having been harvested by her for the ultimate in locavore eating). She cried, because I hadn’t made meatballs and spaghetti in so long. I gave her a lecture about how I am not a restaurant. But I do believe in listening to your cravings, and, let’s face it, the beans-and-greens curry wasn’t my favorite food, either.
The solution I came up with was to make a calendar with certain days highlighted. On the orange days, I will make what Elanor has put on the menu, and on the green days, I’ll make Jonathan’s request — with their help. They have to write down their request in advance so I have time to plan, shop, etc. They each get one day per week.
So on Thursday Elanor and I made these yummy baked meatballs with this tomato sauce. We were all happy, especially me, with my glass of zinfandel.
Saturday was Jonathan’s day, and he wanted cinnamon rolls. We added some organic whole wheat flour and used my homemade butter from raw milk, so I think that probably makes them healthy?
Normally, they’re not going to get Thursday and Saturday, but we had spring break last week, so I felt at leisure to play more in the kitchen toward the end of the week.
Yesterday was Elanor’s day, and she wanted sandwiches. (Are you getting the impression that sometimes my kids just want normal-people food?) So I made a baguette-long sub sandwich. It was a deli-cacy the likes of which they had never tasted. They wanted it for lunch today, and Elanor wanted it for her snack after school, and for supper tonight as well. And I made a cabbage salad with cilantro, chile, and cumin, and a bowl of guacamole, because we have a ton of avocados from our food co-op. (Local people, if you’re interested, ask me about it!) And we had Rice Krispie bars, which got “100 thumbs up”! I have made those a total of twice (?) for my kids. I tell ya, they are deprived.
Elanor’s fixation on the sandwich may have been partly because today was Jonathan’s menu choice. He was lured by an advertisement for a “seafood boatload sale” at the grocery store, so I bought some tilapia, which sort of rounded out his menu of biscuits. It was a true demonstration of love that we all ate tilapia, bein’s only one of us likes fish much. I made these lovely roasted potatoes with some organic Yukon golds from the co-op and rosemary from Sally (the name of one of our rosemary plants). And I made the biscuits with some of that organic whole-wheat flour, so obviously they were healthy, too. And we had cabbage salad again; it had aged deliciously. Besides, we needed something to round out the carbs, and there is very little in this world that is healthier (and yummier) than cabbage.
With all this cooking, there have of course been tons of dishes, and I don’t get as much help with that job as I do with the cooking. I did, however, make dish soap last night, because I’m in the long process of minimizing our exposure to unhealthy chemicals. It worked OK once I prewashed the greasiness on some of the dishes.
Most adventurously of all, a few days ago I made tooth powder. Brushing with it is not as pleasant an experience as brushing with fluoride-mint-blast-green-stuff. My tooth powder fills my mouth with stuff that looks like the water draining from pipes when you are doing a plumbing job. But it’s been interesting. At least I know what’s in my decay-preventive dentifrice.
I’m encouraged by all of this. Sometimes it seems I’ll never make progress on anything scholarly, spiritual, or athletic. Life rests heavily on my shoulders lately. But I HAVE fed my family, and the food and creativity have made us all happy.


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  1. * Terri says:

    This post just made me smile, especially as imagined their enthusiasm over the sandwich. 🙂

    Posted 6 years, 2 months ago

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