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Grain mill giveaway!

Paula’s Bread and Heavenly Homemakers are giving away a Nutrimill grain mill here. And even though I cringe at the title “Heavenly Homemakers,” I swallowed my pride and posted it on Facebook and am posting it here, because I would really love to have a Nutrimill! I’ve kind of wanted one for a couple of years.
In fact, I’ve spent a lot of mental energy today bellyaching about nutrition: Nourishing Traditions? Paleo Diet? Locavore vegetarian-ish? Raw? For my midwifery studies, I have to do a lot of work on nutrition (because — here’s a freebie — the vast majority of pregnancies can be kept healthy through proper nutrition). In any case, grinding one’s own grain is a plus, no matter what sort of diet you follow. And I just kind of like that sort of thing.


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  1. * allie lousch says:

    Rachel! Were you able to get a mill? I heard the Stowe family talking about grinding grain in Ghana years ago. The heartbeat was missions and being one heart & mind as a married couple and the importance of depending on God for everything. Your post reminds me of this-Thanks! Hope your family is doing well..heavenly homemaker or not (I never made the cut…) Much love from NoGa.

    Posted 6 years, 5 months ago
  2. * manhattandoula says:

    No, no grain mill yet. I’m holding out for Christmas. 😉 I don’t know the Stowe family — great lessons can be learned from their life, it sounds like. Love to you from California! (I’m here for a couple more days. 😉 )

    Posted 6 years, 5 months ago

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