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Why I haven’t been very vocal about midwifery

You know how unbearably exciting midwifery is to me! Yet I have kept pretty quiet about it, at least on Facebook and in real life, outside my most trusted circle. Why? Am I hiding my little light under a bushel? Well, here are the reasons.
1-2. Midwifery is a pretty radical concept to most people, and sometimes I just don’t have the energy to explain the differences among doulas, midwives, and OBs — and withstand the scrutiny when people realize I’m going down practically the most radical route.
3. Midwives are the witches of the historical witch hunts. I am not exaggerating or being metaphorical when I say that. If a group of OBs who disagreed with homebirth wanted to lobby to make direct-entry midwifery illegal in my state, it would not be very hard to do. Never mind what the research says or what women want. Money and power rest in the hands of the medical establishment. This is a frightening position to be in, because, um, I would like the honor of being a midwife without being arrested. (At least I won’t get burned at the stake for it.) So the lower-profile I am, the better off we all are, in a sense.
4. If I got started telling about what I’m learning, reading, thinking, etc., it would be hard to stop, and, frankly, I’m too busy for that right now.
5. You will think I’m weird if I tell you all I believe, the stuff that goes under the heading of midwifery. You might judge me. Maybe you’ll feel judged. I’m sorry this is on my list of reasons, but it’s true. I only have a certain amount of emotional energy to deal with this.
So those are some of the reasons.
Let me leave you with a smile on your face. I do talk (incessantly) about the midwife thing at home. Which is why Ellie spent a little extra time on the toilet last night. She told me she wanted to practice pushing so she would know how when she had a baby. Oh, my dear girl.


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