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More babies :)

Well, Surprise Birth (the one I wasn’t planning to attend for quite a while) went so smoothly! So yesterday, I was at the birth of two little boys, and get this: Their parents named them both Oliver. Isn’t that great?
If I had known I’d have four births within four days (technically, three days, if you go by time of birth), I would have had a coronary. But God was merciful and didn’t let me know that.
And I just got home from the third of four births — the fastest one I’ve ever been part of! It was intense, let me tell ya.
Which leaves me free to focus on Mama #1 — the one you’ve heard most about and who is still waiting. Her due date was the first one of this string. If she doesn’t go into more active labor on her own during the night, her labor will be induced tomorrow.
I just wanted to announce that all the details have indeed been worked out: no simultaneous labors, no scary outcomes, only missing one day with my kids (I guess two if you count tomorrow), and a survivable amount of sleep deprivation — although I think I might sleep all weekend long. Boy, I was sure anxious a week ago — even four days ago. I have learned some things these last couple of weeks about patience and trust. I knew that God would have me serve whomever needed me the most, and I tried to line up (kinda spotty) backup in case there were some simultaneous labors.
I know some people have a hard time believing God micromanages the details of our lives, and I understand why, but I really think God inscrutably wove the plan for this week, for these four mothers and their four babies and me. How else would it have worked out? This is more than luck.
By the way, thank you for reading these posts of me being all insane. Really, how could it be entertaining to read about someone’s stress level? Sorry.
And if you want to pray for Mama #1 tomorrow, that would be fabulous.


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