intensely trivial


That’s short for spontaneous rupture of membranes. Vince called me at 5:18 to say Sondra’s water has broken. So I’m on my way back out there. We’re all hoping this is the baby day. It’s his due date, so he should arrive today, right? 😉
Challenges facing us:
1. Sondra’s utter exhaustion. She took the Ambien and then threw up a half-hour later. It’s not supposed to work that way! So she’s had about an hour of sleep? That’s a problem.
2. Sondra’s dehydration. If she doesn’t get some more water down her, she will be subjecting herself to a lot more intervention than she wanted.
3. The accompanying difficulties inherent to fatigue. Sondra’s still contracting, and I think the rut she’s worn for herself in dealing with (even early) contractions is not working. I’m probably going to have to take charge to see if I can bring some sanity to the situation.
Sondra and Vince went to the hospital twice again since yesterday, thinking things had ramped up enough to be “real.” No change. One of the mean doctors was on the floor during the night, treated them meanly, and kept them in a triage room for four hours. They are going to lodge a formal complaint.
I got a good night’s sleep and am consuming a large number of calories as I type. I should be OK. Please pray for Sondra.


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