intensely trivial

Q: Can babies rearrange your insides?

A: Well, yes and no. Your uterus pushes your insides out of their normal position, and boy-howdy does it rearrange everything. But no, your baby can’t reach out, grab your intestines, and move them to the other side.
If you’re just now joining us, welcome to Sondra’s baby story, the first part of which I tell in this blog post and later ones. Sondra hasn’t had her baby yet; she’s just waiting.
Baby Michael is moving creatively today, pushing up on her heart and seeming to move her guts from one side to the other. It causes her quite a bit of pain. Sondra called me to ask if this was OK. Hm, well, I’m not 100-percent sure, but I’m not overly concerned about it. I’ve had some clients tell me it hurts like crazy to have the baby kick during a contraction. I wondered if this was happening during contractions or not, and Sondra said she’d pay attention to that the next time. Michael’s still moving around all the time — sounds like a healthy baby.
Her legs are more swollen than usual today. Well, it is 95 degrees out and humid; that could have something to do with it. Is she hydrating herself well? (I’m allowed to mother-hen people about this.) Yes, she said. She’s been inside all day, avoiding the heat. I think an evening walk might be just the thing for everybody: work out the kinks, enjoy the sideways evening sun, jiggle baby around a little. Some tender lovin’ would make everybody happy as well — maybe even get things moving if it’s time. Bring on the oxytocin! 🙂


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