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Still closed. . .

If you’re just now joining us, the first parts of Sondra’s story are here and then here.
Sondra was on cloud 9 yesterday, anticipating the arrival of her husband, Vince, in the next hour or two. I can’t imagine the joy military spouses feel with their lovers just minutes away from being reunited with them! Sondra and Vince had been apart for the last six months, except for Memorial Day weekend together. Military spouses, I admire you soooo much! You must develop strength the rest of us can’t even imagine. Thank you for sacrificing so much for the rest of us, who live in relative luxury with our loved ones around us every day. As of yesterday, Vince is home with Sondra and Bryan, and I’m hoping that his presence will send some kind of message to Sondra and baby Michael, something like “It’s OK! Everybody’s here now, and you’re safe! You can come on out!”
Sondra had to meet with an OB (Dr. R) today, the one who is on for the potential c-section on July 1. She said he was kind and reassuring, listened to her talk about her fears, etc. I think she’s less stressed out about that possibility now, having talked in more detail with Dr. R.
Sondra also met with Carina, her nurse-midwife. She had Carina check her cervix again. It’s still closed. She didn’t sound discouraged. When she went into labor with Bryan, she was also closed until she went into labor, at which point she dilated at a normal rate. I’m not worried; I just hope that the arbitrary date the hospital has assigned as “too late” doesn’t come before Michael decides to make his appearance.
Sondra’s contracting today again. She said she feels “different” today, kind of unsteady. When will it be? That’s the million-dollar question. 🙂


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