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April menu

My nosy self got to look at my sister’s menu plan for April, which inspired me to plan a month’s worth of menus. In the past, I’ve always planned a week at a time, but I thought this might save me time in the end. And since I love getting ideas from other people’s menus, I thought I’d share my menu plan with you. We do eat out some on weekends (I know, I know, it’s horrible), and there are some days that we just clean out the leftovers in the fridge. I am blessed with family members who don’t complain about leftovers.
This menu is highly subject to change, depending on what vegetables are on sale and what the local CSA grower has available, but here’s my plan for now:

Thurs., 4/1 — leftovers
Fri., 4/2 — Seder meal — I made Persian rice (Thanks, Carrie and Kyle, for making the rest!)
Sat., 4/3 — scrambled-egg quesadillas

Sun., 4/4 — Easter dinner @ Mom & Dad’s — I brought wine (what an easy assignment this time!!)
Mon., 4/5 — clean out fridge (i.e. leftovers)
Tues., 4/6 — parmesan-rice pancakes, green salad, homemade rolls
Wed., 4/7 — LIFE group — potato salad; bring hamburgers for the grill
Thurs., 4/8 — meal for Dan’s guys: tostada buffet, Mexican rice, fruit, chips/salsa, desserts
Fri., 4/9 — eat out!
Sat., 4/10 — bean burgers, homemade buns, and fixin’s

Sun., 4/11 — rest (read: eat out or leftovers)
Mon., 4/12 — lentils & bulgur over greens
Tues., 4/13 — saffron-green pea pasta, green salad
Wed., 4/14 — LIFE group: vegetarian chili, cornbread
Thurs., 4/15 — crustless spinach quiche, savory bread
Fri., 4/16 — out
Sat., 4/17 — zucchini/red pepper panini

Sun., 4/18 — rest
Mon., 4/19 — mushroom risotto
Tues., 4/20 — beef in yogurt (Indian), basmati rice, carrots & cashews
Wed., 4/21 — LIFE group: big green salad, edamame dip & crackers (or something else dip-worthy)
Thurs., 4/22 — macaroni & cheese
Fri., 4/23 — out of town — KC Birth Network conference w/ INA MAY GASKIN!!!
Sat., 4/24 — out of town

Sun., 4/25 — Ellie’s b-day party: cupcakes & ice cream?
Mon., 4/26 — super-garlicky pasta carbonara (except maybe no bacon)
Tues., 4/27 — stir-fried veggies w/ peanut sauce & rice
Wed., 4/28 — LIFE group: enchiladas (zucchini/bell pepper, and cheese w/ surprises)
Thurs., 4/29 — beans and leftovers
Fri., 4/30 — out


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  1. * Erika says:

    This looks awesome Rachel! I love reading about what you cook, read, or anything else you do! I’m most intrigued by the parmesan-rice pancakes. I’m confused, but it sounds interesting and good. 🙂

    Posted 8 years, 1 month ago

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