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A reply to the resolution-scrooges

Here at the turning of the year, I’ve heard multiple people grousing about the futility of New Year’s resolutions. They say no one ever keeps New Year’s resolutions, anyway. I ask: Where’s the hope, people? Where’s the faith? I admit I haven’t always made them, sure that I’d just be defeated anyway and fail yet again. I agree, it doesn’t make much sense to resolve something you aren’t prepared to act on. Can you even call that a resolution?
So go ahead and be scroogy about resolutions if you want, but I’ve been pretty happy about my New Year’s resolutions from last year. Maybe they worked for me because they were organic to my life; something compelled me to make them, and something (Someone) impelled me to keep them (for the most part).
Here are my resolutions from last year, and how I did with them:

1. No more overdue books at the library! I did have some overdue books, but not as many as before. However, through this resolution, I figured out something valuable: I only let books go overdue when I’m stressed out. The solution: No library when I’m stressed out? I don’t think so.

2. Close doors and drawers. I did this most of the time! It really helped the kitchen look neater.

3. Pray through the Operation World prayer handbook. Yes, I did this! It was a big commitment, a significant part of my thinking and my daily morning routine. It was very worthwhile. I wonder what my prayer practice will look like now.

4. Lose _____ lbs. I did lose some pounds, but not as many as I hoped to. But I figured out by May or June that I needed to revise the goal. I had been hoping to get down to my lowest adult weight — but that was from a time when I had no muscle. I was just basically bones and a little flab. In March, I started running. My weight plateaued 6 or 7 lbs. above my goal weight. But I was physically very healthy. I now have some serious running muscles and a strong core. And I don’t care about weighing that tiny number anymore.

5. Take better care of my skin and teeth. Yep, did that.

6. Work my way through a baking book. Nope, didn’t get very far on this goal. I baked a few things from King Arthur’s _Whole Grain Baking_. It wasn’t realistic to work hard on this goal, and I decided I didn’t care.

7. Get into a lasting exercise regimen. Yes!!! I did this! I estimate I ran 600-700 miles from March through December. I like running a lot. I haven’t run much this last week, but I’m starting back up tomorrow morning.

8. Break my internet addiction. Um, yeah. Addiction is not broken. But I did figure out I use Facebook and email as coping mechanisms when life gets hairy. They do not satisfy me. This resolution carries over to 2010.

9. Break my sweets addiction. Uhhhhh. . . . I still need to do this one. But I’m more serious about it this year. Honestly, running helps me make healthier choices in the rest of my life, so the sweets thing wasn’t as out of control as in the past. Still, there are good reasons to get it more under control.

So I didn’t accomplish them all, but they really did help me move toward living right! Thanks be to God!

So, for 2010, here are my resolutions/goals:

1. Stop using the computer as a coping mechanism in times of stress. (I need to figure out a plan for this, because I need my computer for business reasons.)
2. Greatly reduce my sweets consumption. (I need a plan for this, too, because I’m not going cold-turkey on it.)
3. Attend as many births as I can. I want a lot of experience.
4. Be more patient and value fun with my kids.
5. Run a lot of miles. I was sort of planning to run 1,000 miles this year, but that’s basically four miles five days a week, and I’ve already skipped the first two days. I don’t like being two days behind already.
6. Learn to be strong and fearless in the face of covert opposition. Another way of putting this is “Find confidence in God my rock.”


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  1. *raises hand* I am probably half-way camp of resolution scrooges. LOL Well, New Year’s resolutions.
    I am pretty sure you’ve had these thoughts, ideas, resolutions well before December 31. 😉 I never saw an open drawer or cupboard when I’ve visited. 😉
    I’ve actually got a few more goals for myself that I had planned before New Year’s but did not add them to the list. 🙂

    I like your goals. They all seem attainable. 🙂 My favorite? Number 4 and 6! 😀

    Posted 8 years, 4 months ago
  2. I think you had a pretty impressive year! I loved seeing you get back into running. It was such a part of who you were when we met, and it’s great to see you so strong and empowered again!

    I’ll bet you can guess my resolution. 😉

    Posted 8 years, 4 months ago

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