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God is good

I had hoped to post more extensively on birthy things after I returned home from the DONA conference a couple of weeks ago, but as usual life intervened. I just haven’t had the disk space in my brain for writing thoughtfully. I might put myself out there soon and post this little writing I’ve been belly-aching over for a week now.
I’ve been kind of envying those of you who post sweet, funny, happy things. Then I thought, “Hey! Why don’t I post something sweet or funny or happy? What a revolutionary thought!” So here are some good little blips:
My sister Carrie and her husband, Kyle, are at this very moment in Ethiopia finalizing the adoption of a beautiful little boy. On Thursday, Lord willing, they will be bringing him home to meet his two-year-old brother, Isaiah. This trip is the answer to a lot of prayers and is a total testimony to the real-life way in which Carrie and Kyle follow Jesus.
My Ellie, who has recently decided to go by her “real” name, Elanor, is a KINDERGARTNER! I am impressed by her teacher and feel every day that I am leaving her in good hands. Her favorite part of every day is lunch, because she gets to take her lunch in a lunchbox. I think she also really enjoys the games she’s been learning in music and P.E. I’m glad we’re still getting in lots of snuggling, and there’s hardly anything that can make me happier than to see her beautiful smile. It did my heart good to hear her saying clearly and with certainty her memory verse from Sunday school yesterday: “I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me. Isaiah 46:9.”
Jonathan, meanwhile, is getting more of my attention than he ever has. It is so peaceful around our house! I miss Ellie when she’s at school, but I really enjoy the lack of arbitration and how Jonathan lights up when I can concentrate on him. He’s been learning to dribble a basketball and is doing a lot of role-playing lately. His favorite role was Thomas until today, and now it’s getting a bit more complicated. Today he was the boy black widow, and I was the mama black widow. Then he was Baby Bear, and I was Mama Bear. These alter-egos tend to be much better behaved than Jonathan would be — except for tonight, when he was the squid who didn’t like to go to bed. The mama squid and the papa squid had to make him go to bed.
God seems to be in the business of fulfilling dreams lately, as a few families I know who have longed for babies have been blessed with them. I have been really convinced of his kindness as I watch him compassionately care for us needy folks here on earth.
For the last several months, it has been my practice to get up before 6 to do a little yoga before I settle down with my Bible and journal. The yoga is partly to wake me up and partly to worship God with my body and mind. I stumble outside, bleary-eyed, onto the deck and do it under the early morning sky. These days, it’s still dark, and I’ve been able to see stars still twinkling. Sometimes I’ll see a spider who has built a perfect, lacy web during the night (I am very careful not to walk into these webs — that would totally negate any centering achieved through the yoga!).
The stars, the new babies, the spiders and their webs, the imagination and spirit of my kids, my husband — they’re all confirmations of a very, very good God. I hope you’re seeing his goodness in your life, too.


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  1. * Terri says:

    This post just made me smile.

    Posted 8 years, 6 months ago

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