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Summer is supposed to be so relaxed, right? I guess for me it could be if only I didn’t commensurately set my goals way higher than normal. That’s one reason I haven’t blogged much this summer.
The other reason? There’s nothing on my mind. Ha ha! Just kidding! Actually, I have really been working on my internet addiction. Quite simply, time spent away from my computer is more revivifying than time spent on it. It’s also more productive. So the question of the month for the computer issue has been: “Do I need to get on the computer right now?” Sometimes the answer is yes. I conduct a lot of my business online, do research, and shop; and occasionally, it’s justifiable to get online just to connect with people. But, as Henri Nouwen discusses in The Way of the Heart, instead of allowing ourselves to be alone in the presence of God, we are too often driven by our social compulsions. In my life, for example, there’s a compulsion to devise a clever status line on Facebook, after which I’m compelled to fret the rest of the day about that sentence and what people think about what it says about me. It’s maddening. I’m sure just reading about it is kind of annoying to you. But it’s not just Facebook; it’s all these other drunkard’s paths I travel on my computer — and by the way, I don’t think FB or email or blog-reading is innately evil or destructive. They just make their homes in these modern pathologies we already have.
Other things that have been occupying me this summer:
The pursuit of simplicity. The internet addiction is one aspect of this. Downsizing our possessions is another. Trying to streamline my routines. Not cooking five dishes when two will do. Being a good steward of what we have. I got to join Terri for her garage sale, which was a lot of fun and very satisfying.
Getting healthy physically. I wrote last time about preparing for Sabetha’s Firecracker 5K. It went well, by the way, although I did not have the satisfaction of beating my dad, a good runner who never trains. He only beat me by five seconds or so, though. 🙂 I’m still running. It’s gotten to the point where there is always time to run a few miles; it helps so much with stress, body-image issues, and a sense of physical well-being.
Traveling, or staying home while Dan travels. I’m not so much a fan of when Dan’s gone, mostly because I think the kids know there’s one fewer line of defense to break through. On the happy side, though, Dan and I traveled to Greenville, S.C., for a wedding — without the kids. Ahhhh. 🙂 I love my kids, and I miss them when I’m not with them, but there’s something magical about the responsibility disappearing for a few days. And in August, I get to go to the DONA annual conference, which is awesome on its own, but this time I get to go with Jill, who totally gets me (and doesn’t run away gagging). I. can. not. wait.
Reading. I must read. You can check out my “What I’m Reading” page if you’re interested. I read a marathon book I’d recommend, A Suitable Boy, by Vikram Seth. It made me feel like I actually spent the summer in India. As much as I begrudged the marathonness of it, I’m kind of sad it’s over now.
And we’re off to the ranch in the morning. It’s the land of low-tech, big skies, the landscape of westerns, and calm. I always come back a little less frantic. I wish I could take you all there with me and show you what it’s like. On second thought, no, I don’t want to do that. Have a great week. I’ll see you later.


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  1. * Jill says:

    Have I mentioned to you lately how I. can. not. wait. to go to the DONA conference with you?! Next week!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

    Posted 8 years, 10 months ago
  2. I hope that you do have a few weeks of absolute relaxation when you get back from the DONA conference (oh, after we get together and I ask you all about it, LOL).
    I think you hit the nail on the head in everything you said about simplicity, too. We have to deliberately plan to not have anything planned, just as we have to deliberately rid ourselves of too much junk filling up physical space.

    Posted 8 years, 9 months ago

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