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Going barefoot

I went barefoot today, as a way to raise awareness of the millions around the world who have no shoes.

I thought of my nephew, who is still in Ethiopia, and of the multitudes of others who were doing as I did today. Even though TOMS shoes are expensive, I’m about ready to order me some. For each pair of shoes you buy, TOMS sends one pair to a child in need.
It was the perfect day, really, to go barefoot: spring, temperatures in the 70s, a not-too-busy schedule. Besides walking around the house and yard, and to and from the car, the only walking I did was to pick up Ellie at her preschool with Jonathan in the stroller. It’s not far. It takes only 15 minutes each way, if I go slowly. But the asphalt battered my feet. They sting, they ache, top and bottom! (I can’t explain the pain on the top of my feet, but it’s there.)
After I bathed my dirty, beat-up feet tonight, I went ahead and put my socks and slippers back on. There wasn’t anyone here at home to make a point to, and if I’d kept causing myself pain, it would have just been me trying to rack up points with God, like the self-flagellators in monasteries centuries ago. But what a lesson.
I’ve been asking God to bring the reality of poverty home to me, make it more personal. This helped, today. But I have a long way to go.

On a related note, I have to share this link to 50 Ways to Love Your Neighbor. It kicked my butt just to read it.


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  1. * clbeyer says:


    Maybe I should hang that list of 50 things on my mirror. It’s good stuff.

    It makes my day to get to read a blog post by you. Thanks for reporting on the day without shoes. No one asked me why I was barefoot as I ran my errands, but I’m with you — it made me feel like I had a brief connection with the poor.

    Posted 9 years, 1 month ago

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