intensely trivial

For once. . .

I was hanging out laundry tonight and heard something crashing through the tree-filled ravine south of our house. Whatever animal was moving about was faster than a person and larger than a cat or a skunk. For once, I broke free of my task-orientation and quietly ran across the deck to see if I could tell what was there — and I hoped it wasn’t a skunk (we have quite a few of them around). (For once, though, I decided satisfying my curiosity was more important than safety; if I got sprayed, then I’d deal with it.)

It wasn’t a skunk. A few seconds of peering into the tender-leafed branches of the trees showed me three deer running through the woods, their soft brown not quite blending with the barely clothed branches of the trees. Three deer, in town! in our ravine! For once, I took the time to taste the delight. They noticed me and hurried further into the woods till I couldn’t see them anymore.

But a few minutes later, I heard that familiar crashing, and I scooped up Jonathan to share the joy with him. We whispered as we crept to the edge of the deck again. This time, the deer weren’t in the ravine, but rather on our neighbors’ expansive lawn, grazing right out in the open! We could just see them through the trees. (In a couple of weeks, that won’t be possible, since the leaves will make the ravine practically opaque.)

Thank you, Father, for sharing your creation with us. Open my eyes to see you more often in the world around me.


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  1. * Ann Berg says:

    Ohh, how exciting! I cannot think of anything more delightful than sharing nature discoveries with our children!

    Eric saw a hawk swoop down and fly right by our window this morning with a squirrel in its mouth…the victorious hunter flew swiftly to a nearby maple tree and picked & nibbled at his own Easter breakfast!

    Posted 9 years, 1 month ago

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