intensely trivial

What an idea

How about I give up controversy for Lent? People abstain from all sorts of things to celebrate Lent. I could abstain from entering controversial situations. No blogging about global warming, natural childbirth, international relations, politics, Jesus. No hanging out with heretical friends. Wear a monotonous wardrobe of Powercat clothing. Just keep quiet when I disagree with public opinion. Try not to think about things too much. Practice my convictions in private.
I’ve thought about this. Blog topics would be limited to decluttering my house, the cute things my kids do, how great my husband is, and the food I cook.
What do you think: Do you think I could do that?


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  1. * carmen classen says:

    Oh, Rachel, I wish I had a bit of your boldness. I’d like to give up a bit of my “take care of people-ness”. 🙂

    Posted 9 years ago
  2. * precisionink says:

    How about people who don’t want controversy give up reading your blog for Lent?

    Posted 9 years ago

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