intensely trivial

Upon further reflection. . .

I have decided to withdraw my letter from the two local newspapers, because I realized that the mother did not actually say anything about the two people’s ethnicity in her initial email. The version of the email I got had a (probably sarcastically meant) inflammatory comment attached to it by someone else that led me to make an unfounded assumption about her motives. So I’m going to assume she was colorblind. I was just worried about the possible effects of this mass-forwarded email on these two innocent people (who are indeed international students at KSU, as I’ve learned). The mother’s blog has their photos posted and also asks others to give leads to the local police department about their identity, and I think that could lead to all sorts of difficulties.

I am still concerned about the welfare of these particular two people, and I still want to affirm the value of internationals in our community.


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