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Your roots are showing

It’s time to light the fire under you for February’s cooking challenge! There are THREE DAYS LEFT for you to get your root vegetables together and give yourself a chance to paint on that canvas. You have to make meals anyway; plan on challenging yourself just a little bit.
I must confess I have nothing even resembling a plan. I’ll probably do something with carrots, potatoes, and onions, because that’s what I have. But I’m sure I’ll think of some slightly unique way to cook them.
As a reminder, here is the formula, again:

root vegetable(s) (e.g. turnips, beets, carrots, potatoes, parsnips, etc.)
fat (e.g. oil, butter, lard) — optional, if you’re trying to go fat-free
something sweet
something salty
anything else you want!

Entries are due Wed., Feb. 25. Send me a photo if you can, and of course your “recipe.” You can do it!


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  1. * Terri says:

    I have some veggies (I want to get one more variety) and I have a plan…

    Do I have any company? Come on, everyone!

    Posted 9 years ago
  2. * Jill says:

    Um, I have no plan. None whatsoever. I don’t even have the slightest clue of what to do.
    I’m going to try to come up with something. I need some divine inspiration.
    (I actually have an idea for the “salty” part but can’t think of something “sweet” that would go with it.)

    Posted 9 years ago
  3. * manhattandoula says:

    Yeah, I don’t have a clue why I put in that sweet thing. Just put in a pinch of sugar somewhere, and you’ll have that covered. 😉 Sorry, everybody, for the weirdness.

    Posted 9 years ago
  4. I don’t think it’s weird at all, actually….does that make “me” weird? 😉

    Posted 9 years ago

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