intensely trivial

a humble poetry-offering

Creator God

The energy roiling in me
issues from a dynamo barely controlled.
I know what that is now.

I learn you
by having you inside.
You are terrifying,
and gorgeous.

another poem, without a title

You sent me an idea,
and it grew, developed
bone and sinew,
filament and membrane.
I let it fly,
tossed it — myself — into the air,
believing it would not crash.

I have to believe
the incense made you smile,
the trail of fragrance from my frail
little offering-kite —
the pure frankincense of it.

And I know human fingers pulled it out of the sky
Jesus I
I cant even
keep my own kite up

Blow, wind.
Kindly keep my kite
in flight.


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  1. * clbeyer says:

    Huh. I don’t know why these comments didn’t get any comments. They rock.

    Posted 9 years ago

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