intensely trivial

A bibliophile hits the jackpot

Dan and I were out on a lunch date this noon without the kids. He graciously came with me into Joann Fabric after lunch so I could get a point turner, and as we were leaving, we spied a modest little poster in the window of a neighboring store: Sertoma Pancake and Sausage Feed, Feb. 7. Book sale. 4th and Humboldt. (OK, there were a few more things listed, but that’s all the information I needed.) We hadn’t known about this particular book sale, so we headed over to check it out.
Oh the jubilation of an as-yet-undiscovered book sale that has just switched over into bag prices! A dollar a bag, and the tables were still full of good books! And we didn’t have an urgent deadline, and we didn’t have kids to tend to! We spent $5 and got all the books below, plus a bunch that are Dan’s and the kids.
May I simply say it was a wonderful date.
Must sign off now. I have many pages to read.


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