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Ellie’s birth story: The easy part

This is Part 2 of Ellie’s birth story. Click here to read Part 1: Pregnancy and preparation for birth.

Ellie’s birth story: The easy part

Either Ellie knew it was time to be born, or Heather’s acupressure really did start contractions, but for whatever reason, I woke up at about 5 a.m. the next morning in a wet spot. Going to the bathroom didn’t make the leakage stop, so I realized my water had probably broken. I wasn’t having painful contractions, just a mild, not unpleasant tightening every 10 minutes or so. Finally, at 6, I woke up Dan and told him my water had broken. We got up, and I showered, jittery with excitement. We finished packing our bags, and Dan made me an omelet with cheese and salsa for breakfast. It’s a good thing I ate a hearty breakfast, because it was going to be a long time till the next meal. I kept checking my two pregnancy bibles for direction about what to do now that my water had broken, and finally called the hospital. Since my water had broken, they wanted me to come in and start laboring at the hospital. I was ready to go! This was the day! Dan wasn’t in nearly as much of a hurry, but of course he didn’t argue with me too much. So we put our bags in the car and drove to the hospital. I was still feeling totally fine. If I didn’t pay attention, I would totally miss the contractions, since they were nice timid ones at this point.
Checked in to the labor and delivery ward. They asked me all kinds of questions. Yup, your water has really broken. I sat in bed on the monitor for a while, happy as a clam and feeling special because it was my big day, but nervous. I think I was dilated to 2 cm upon admission. As soon as they took me off the monitor, Dan and I trooped around the halls of the L&D ward, fast. I had tons of energy. (This energy would have been so much better utilized at home, scrubbing floors, or wandering around the streets of our neighborhood! There wasn’t a good medical reason for me to be at the hospital; I just did what I was supposed to do.) Of course, as seems so frequently to happen, I wasn’t in active labor yet, and things were moving very slowly. I spent a couple of hours in the hot tub, relaxing and being happy.
The jets provided good nipple stimulation, and that did increase the strength of my contractions. I must have been making some progress, because a few hours later, I was dilated to 4 or 5 cm. Heather came and joined us at the hospital in the early afternoon. Dan read a whole book that day, and now, looking back on it, I think that was fine. Things weren’t that intense for me for several hours.
Go on to Ellie’s birth story, Part 3: The hard part.


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