intensely trivial


I’ve been wanting to say a few things that I don’t have time to develop into full posts right now, so I’m going to smoosh them into a miscellaneous blog post. Here we go.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard recently opened up a restaurant in Manhattan. So we, along with thousands of other Manhattanites flocking to a new restaurant, went to try them out — both last Sunday and again today. Now, normally, I’m not in love with hamburger joints, even if they have custard. But this place has the best veggie burger I’ve ever had eating out! It even comes as a combo meal! Vegetarian entrees at restaurants around here are very limited, and to me, this yummy burger is a ray of hope!
(I think I just outed myself.)
Another good thing about Freddy’s: They have Diet Mountain Dew.

Short fingernails can be of benefit for many reasons, including ease of cleanup after washing out poopy diapers and underpants. Also, they are much less deadly cuticle-picking weapons.

I’ve been reading Rumer Godden’s Kingfishers Catch Fire. I’ve read a couple of other books by her, namely Little Plum (which I really didn’t get as a child; maybe I should reread it now) and In This House of Brede, which I read with Jill, and which was really interesting, with my spiritual background. Kingfishers Catch Fire, the story of a widowed young mother who takes her children to live in Kashmir and tries to become like the peasants there, is very thought-provoking, too. I think I might have been the main character in another life, and the intercultural subtext is very perceptive. If you’ve never read Rumer Godden, you ought to give her a try. I don’t hear many Americans discussing her, but she is a gem.

I read this article yesterday on how paper and other recyclables are accumulating in warehouses as their values decrease in this economic downturn. No! Say it isn’t so! But I have to admit it makes sense. As the article points out, the bottom line is that we need to commit to reusable containers and stop thinking that recycling makes it all better. That’s challenging to me.


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