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spiritual direction

A friend asked me recently if I’d let her experiment on me for her spiritual-direction class at seminary. But of course I will navelgaze for posterity’s sake! By the way, I think (correct me if I’m wrong) “spiritual direction” is the modern term for “Christian counseling.” Anyway, I love being experimented on in this way! We met for the first time today, and we had a wonderful conversation, and some mighty fine tea (darjeeling that seemed too strong at the first sip, but turned out to be just perfect; next time I get to try her second-flush darjeeling. By the way, would any of you be interested in doing a tea-tasting with me sometime? I’m envisioning a flight of different. . . assams, say, and we’d taste them at various temperatures and steeping lengths and sound all artsy as we pronounced them toasty with a lingering caramel note).

OK, back to the topic! It was very refreshing to have someone listen to me and mirror back to me what she heard. (Why don’t we do this better for each other in our daily conversations? Probably because we would all get massively introspective, and we’d all be like me, and that wouldn’t be very balanced, would it.) Seriously, though, it was good to have someone, in the most gentle, thoughtful, almost-as-if-she-wasn’t-trying-to, way, point out some new things about how I think. Sometimes I get so tangled up in my thoughts that I can hardly get out. I long to be free, to see things the way they really are, to see where God is in all of it.

I am so thankful. Having this conversation with my friend over a cup of darjeeling made me feel like God might really know who I am, and like he might think I’m OK.


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