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One reason I’m proud of America

“There’s no denying that Obama is a sort of pinup boy for the immigrant dream all over the world.” — Danny Sriskandarajah, Institute for Public Policy Research in Britain

I can get kind of anti-patriotic sometimes. I won’t go into that (today). But here is one reason I am proud of my country. Today had this article, “Europe has a long wait for its own Obama”: As one person quoted in the article says, “Obama didn’t happen overnight.” Whether you’re voting for Obama or not, you have to admit that many other Western, progressive nations are far from the ideal of equal opportunity for all minorities. The United States has its own set of grievous problems when it comes to immigrants and treating people equally. But I think it shows a lot of progress that we have the son of an immigrant running for president. That dream is still alive. I hope it will someday be more than a dream for the people of Turkish descent in Germany, those of African descent in France, and the other minorities across Europe.

It’s a good thing for me that this American dream has come true. I’m the child of an immigrant, too. My mom can’t ever run for president. But maybe someday I can. 😉


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